Hello. I'm Lisa Zinna and I create “photoart” by reworking a digital image or creating a composite from multiple photos, including images of paper collages or original artwork. I play with layering images and use several blending techniques within editing software until I get a look that feels intriguing, balanced, and fresh. Many times I'm asked “What medium is this?” or “How is this made?” because the end result reveals nothing like your typical photograph or digital art.

I had been a casual photographer for many years, but during the past four years I began to delve into photo editing and practiced numerous techniques that I have been using to create images that are truly one-of-a-kind. My color schemes include pastels and very vibrant colors, such as all shades of pink, lime green, purple, and blues. I like to refer to this as “color crazy”.

Austin and Texas are common themes in my work, and they might be layered with a photo of a paper word collage. Other types of designs feature palm trees, beach scenes, positive words, and colorful abstracts. The style is contemporary, the images are modern and bright, and they are sure to make you smile.