"Hustle with Flow" series

This series of digital abstract art has a fluidity to it. I love the traditional art techniques using acrylics and resin that create a flow and depth with lovely color combinations. I have been able to create a digital version using pixels and the PicsArt app. 


Aqua River

Aqua river

A river of aqua separates the flow of the pink shades and the striping of the oranges. Can you see a face or something else from this abstraction? The pink and orange being intercepted by the subtle line of blues make it a dichotomy of coloration.


Dreamy Pink Marble

dreamy pink marble 

Can you see the striking threads of turquoise, red, and violet? Although minimal, they give this mostly pink creation more interest. The blurring of the marbling makes it feel like it has depth. A white border helps to appreciate the colors.